the story behind the world

The Country of Tansia

Though more rich in resources than Catal, Tansia is also rich in tribal populations who prize fighting above anything else. All historical barbarians are rooted in this region. The region is hot all over, though it is dry in the north and wet in the south. A few tribes have developed more concentratedly in the north, but most Tansians are nomadic and find the idea of land ownership ridiculous.


While Etsians are obsessed with magic and Catalians with logic, Tansians have made simple peace with the fact that many of their citizens have additional senses and powers. Some are psychic, some are very strong, and some are savvy. All Tansians, however, are immune to many diseases which kill most northerners. Between this and their aggressive nature, they repel most attempts into their country and tend to stay at home themselves.


They tend to have darker skin, darker even than Catalians, for even in the jungles Tansians see more sun in one year than most Etsians will in one lifetime.


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