the story behind the world

Cloister Army

Composed entirely of priests driven on a zealous mission for their God, this force is known for its brutality in every country it encounters. Crime in Hain is low; no one wants to come under the notice of the Cloister. In truth, no one has much of value but the Church, and everyone is fed (God’s people must not want), but fear of the priests keeps everyone in line.


They are organized in traditional military fashion, but as Catalian social scientists would have been quick to tell you even before their firsthand experience, the Cloister Army’s power concentrated with a sense of divine right is a perfect breeding ground for the most ungoldly of perversions, namely a sense of entitlement to abuse the “enemies of God” with terrible zeal. In fact, when denied legitimate targets for rape and torture, they are known for digging up or even inventing infractions until their desire to punish has an appropriate outlet.

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