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Etsian Navy and Army

Etsian Army

The Etsian Army is technically a subset of the Etsian Navy, since it requires the Navy to get anywhere to attack anyone, and no one ever bothers to come all the way to Etsey to attack them. Prior to the Continental Wars, being in the Army was more of a social maneuver and a way to impress a girl with your uniform than an actual intention to fight. As soon as serious combat began, the ratio of aristos to plebs shifted dramatically, though of course a certain number of aristocratic sons must serve as officers. Families with second and especially third sons are encouraged to offer their progeny for this service.


As the years of the war have grown long, all facets of the Army have become largely filled by a draft, fronted by the Plebeian Parliament and quietly shepherded by the Aristocratic. It is not an entirely efficient machine, but it is a good way to get out of the country in a hurry and is frequently used as such.


There are many highly delineated branches of the Army, but the most controversial is the Death Unit, a force which, as the name suggests, tends to come to a certain end on its missions. This unit is entirely voluntary and has no officers in an official capacity. Many Catalians joined this branch, but once the carnage the Cloister had wrought was witnessed firsthand, many Etsians did so as well.


Etsian Navy

Though the Etsian Army tends to be a bit slapdash, the Navy is the exact opposite. A small island nation dependent on goods from a distant nation for its survival must have control of its oceanic highways, and so it does. As Catal and Tansia have no interest in naval exploration and Hain has only a rugged and remote northern shore, their only true competitors are the pirates and privateers which collect around the Engagement Ring, and even this conflict is more of a game than a true contest.

The Cloister Army has some small contingents in the seas, but not much. Occasionally a general will make half-hearted attempts to seize control of part of the ocean, but these incursions are brief and never ultimately successful.



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