the story behind the world

Zamoan Warriors

Though they now number less than one hundred, the Zamoan warriors once had that many tribes. Based out of Tansia, they take only women of great strength and ability as their members in exchange for protection of the jungle villages and nomadic groups. It was in protecting these people from the Cloister monks that the Zamoans depleted their numbers so greatly. Now a steady stream of Cloister armies take the rich minerals from Tansia and deliver them back to Hain.

Zamoan tribes are always led by a wi-chi, an elected leader. The wi-chi is elected by the tribal council, twelve retired warriors who sit in judgment over clan affairs. Retired warriors take turns acting as council members; those not in council generally retire to jungle villages, though some stay with the tribe until they die.

The Zamoa are fierce, terrifying fighters. They have no mercy for their enemies and fight always to kill and win. But their might was worth little against the Cloister’s cannon.

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