the story behind the world

Catalian Cariff

While Catalians would protest loudly at being compared to Etsians, their system of government is not very unlike the island nations, except it involves women and is turned slightly on its head. Because Hain and Etsey disdain women and because Catalian women are the most interested in governmental affairs, the Catalian Cariff was created. In actual habit he has no power, but he is an important figurehead and is admired and adored by his populace. He is elected every ten years by popular conference and election, a process which itself can take several years.


The Cariff is the social face of Catal, and if he does have one important role outside of appearing male and governmental for foreign heads of state, it is that his office alone is in charge of delegating the country’s concubines, ranging from the gutter boys and girls to the court concubines which live in his personal pleasure gardens and require his personal permission to be seen. His association with the concubines has given rise to the mistaken assumption in foreign nations that he keeps a harem of hundreds of men and women and is the butt of rude jokes in at least six languages.

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